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We get to a point where we need guidance on many life issues. Truth is, I've been there. When you need someone who will guide you to your dreams and not theirs. Someone who believes and is willing to help in any right way even when all faith is lost. Through God's grace i received that support and though it wasn't easy, I have become the person I once needed and now love to be that someone to others as this is the purpose I live for.


I have been privileged to speak in events such as the National debate on 'The United Nations and Health.' I host a weekly self-discovery, self-development and productivity training, 'Come Alive Program'. The major themes I speak on are: Spiritual living, Purpose, Self-discovery, Leadership, Creativity, Productivity and Entrepreneurship.


My articles have featured on The Huffington Post among other high profile websites. I am the author of two books; 'Yes You Can' and 'Come Alive'. And also the chief editor of 'Come Alive Magazine". I write on Purpose, Self-discovery, Leadership, Personal development, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

Work With Me

Work With Me

I am a freelance writer, author, life coach and speaker. I write and speak on leadership, personal development, creativity, entrepreneurship, self-discovery and purpose. To work with me as a guest writer, a speaker or life coach, kindly send a direct mail to me at or you can also send me a message through the contact form on my contact page.


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The horizon on what you can achieve is wide and clear, it might be easy to see but you will need support to walk that path.

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